The hotel is a 7-minute walk from Municipal Subway "Shijo Station" and Hankyu Railway "Karasuma Station".
"Shinmachi-Dori" where the hotel is located is the center of Hokomachi of the Gion Festival.

In order to cherish the moment of encounter with customers, sitting check-in is adopted at the front desk. In addition, guest room does not feel the bustle of town, offer extraordinary experiences.


About Hotel Vista Premio Kyoto Nagomitei

The hotel is located at the intersection of Shinmachi street and Takoyakushi street, full of the atmosphere of Kyoto.
Head northwest from the hotel for about 10 minutes to reach the world heritage site Nijo-jo Castle, and head northeast for about 6 minutes to reach Chohoji Temple, also known as Rokkakudo, which was founded by Prince Shotoku. Various historical site are accessible.

About 10 minutes from the hotel, if you cross Karasuma street on the east side, you will find Nishiki Market, also known as "Kyoto's Kitchen". In addition, if you continue walking for about 10 minutes, you will reach the Kamo River, which is famous for its "Kawadoko", a summer tradition, and Shijo Ohashi Bridge, where you can feel the atmosphere of Kyoto in a different way.

In addition, Shinmachi street, where the hotel is located, is the center of Hokomachi during the Gion Festival, and one of the biggest highlights of the festival, the Yamaboko Junko, passes through this street. At this time, there is an impression that only customers who have visited "Kyoto", which Japan boasts to the world, can experience.

The hotel has an atmosphere that brings back memories of your trip, such as the ripples floating on the water basin, the dry landscape courtyard, and the gentle lighting of the Japanese lighting that illuminates the corridors.
The next morning after a good night's sleep, think about your next itinerary while enjoying a breakfast of the main dish of the day and Kyoto's home-cooked Obanzai at the Vista Lounge.


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